Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The affect the Porsche plant will have on Atlanta Essay

The affect the Porsche kit and boodle pull up stakes have on battle of capital of Georgia - Essay typesetters caseTherefore, opening move a new locate of the Porsche plan in Atlanta is a good root word because this get out make out more occupancy opportunities to the community. Although opening the Porsche plant in Atlanta my pose about potential drawbacks, the plant will offer varied benefits to the community including creation of new put-ons and expansion of stinting growth of the country. Establishing the Porsche plan in Atlanta would be of great significant to the community. This is because many new job opportunities will be created that will benefit the community. The study indicates that the new plant, which will be allocated in Atlanta development site, will have modern office facilities for the workforce, which will eventfully offer more than 400 employees job opportunities. The newer plant in its place will mean 400 jobs of which 100 of these are new jobs or posi tions. These includes technical services, training centre and also a leading edge customer experience centre, which will feature a handling road course to boast the capability of the industry loading vehicles. Although opening a new manufacturing plant can be at times costly and a clod business, it can create job satisfaction to the community. This is because instead of manufacturing a service, a company can create a new item and this is vital because it can offer the company with satisfaction of the services. The expansion of the Porsche plant in Atlanta is effective because this is one way of boosting economic development of the country. The new plant will be fully operational by the year 2014, along with a training center and 1.6-mile range track for potential buyers to test-drive their cars. This event marks an economic revival in the area as it injects almost $100M into the new U.S. headquarters of the German automaker. Selko (46) argues that in case fragility is a key to en suring a happy manufacturing plant in Atlanta, the same characteristics holds true for the viability of the city. The agility of Atlanta stems for the flexibility of the state to grow therefore retaining its manufacturing base while advancing new ways of encouraging future economic growth of Atlanta. The strategic goal is to be in a position to take advantage of opportunities that come up frankincense the new plant will deliver brand or product experiences to their employees, dealers and customers thereby contributing to increase business performance. The success of the Porsche plant can hinge upon the competitive business model thus change the demand for the manufactured brand products to continue increasing. The business can remain competitive since the new site was chosen due to its strategic location, as it is near the Atlanta airport which has direct flights to Stuttgart in Germany and adjoining enough for 80% of Americans to reach it (Bruns 160). This will also benefit the company because delivering high brand and feeling products in the global market will enable the company to sustain their business thus achieving a competitive business advantage in the competitive global market. However, opening the Porsche plant in Atlanta will create some drawbacks. One of the drawbacks is the possible backlash meaning that when a company opens a new firm in a foreign country, it is not always an accepted decision at home. The industry may be forced to eliminate the American jobs with an aim of taking cheaper

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